Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TCK To Maastricht University

So this is my first attempt at a Blog.

I figure I enjoy writing and I enjoy reading other people's blogs so here I go. My name is Hanna and I'm a TCK, I'm 18, and I have four younger sisters. My mum and my Dad grew up in Germany and then decided to come to the Middle East. I was 8 when we got here, so about 10 and half years ago. I have a pair of grandparents that live in Slovakia, and another that live in Germany. I think I've been to about 16 or so countries not counting just airports or driving through, and in two months it is going to be 17.

I've been accepted to Maastricht University to study Liberal Arts and Sciences at the UCM. For a while I didn't think any university was ever going to accept me but lo and behold I was accepted at the first university I applied to. What a feeling of victory! Of course the second (and better) university I applied to I never even heard back from despite application fee and everything!

The next few days were a flurry of signing up for the Kamerburo, and Maastricht Housing website, trying to find accommodation, a church and a transportation system. Then came booking the flights.In all this time I was just fine. I mean I would occasionally sit down and panic about me and my boyfriend having a long distance relationship when I leave, and how cold it would be in the Netherlands and that I would never make any good friends and that I had to start packing up that mess commonly labelled as my room. But other than these random outbursts that I was never very rational about I was alright. I went to work, tried to create decent looking Christmas cards for Habitat for Humanity Jordan, write their Newsletter and for the first time in my life attempt a Presentation.So I was pretty busy and mostly alright up till Friday night when i realized I would be leaving everything I loved, knew and was familiar with behind!

That was sort of a bombshell! Compare the Netherlands to Jordan and you can see why I was panicking!   The Netherlands is in Europe, for crying out loud. And I'm talking about clean, organized, Straightforward, and largely mechanized Europe where it's cold most of the year (and by cold I mean rainy and icky) and everyone rides bikes. Now take Jordan where your sincerely grew up. Dirty, chaotic, beat around the bush, friendly Jordan, where most machines don't last longer than their battery life and it's warm to hot 9 months of the year and seeing a person riding a bike is like seeing the first landing on the moon! You can see my chagrin I presume. What Dutch (and Germans mind you) see as Straightforward and Honest I perceive as just plain rude, what Central Europeans feel is nice weather causes me to pull on an extra sweater and curl up with a nice hot cup of tea! So you see my point! They're completely crazy!

Anyway, so right now I am still getting used to the idea of leaving and trying to integrate into a whole new world, and I literally mean whole new world. It's going to be exciting no doubt, but also a little scary! Thankfully the housing hassle is over and I'm going to be living where all the exchange students live. Oh well, at least they'll be international and new too!

Mum and I are flying out a day after my birthday. 44 days to go!

Yours sincerely,