Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Long distancing and caterwauling

Long distancing sucks. That is really the gist of it. I mean it's got it's pros.. like if you're shy it can force you to go out and meet new people instead of hiding behind the boyfriend. Fortunately I don't have that problem so basically -unfortunately- it just plain stinks.
Sadly, for the time being there is nothing short of breaking up ( or giving up uni and becoming a bum to go live with him) that I can do about this measly situation. Let's just say the American Highschool system and its relationship to European universities thoroughly screwed that up for us.

So i'm stuck here for at least another year and a half of long distancing, and you learn to cope with these things. for example: You pinterest.. like crazy and get masses of followers:

And you listen to music made by people who went through the same thing and have better voices than you (extensive list to follow).. and of course you sing along till your roommate looks a little like this:

And you get pretty close to going all Sheldon and getting yourself some cats and naming them Zazzles but then decide against them cause it will probably be against the house rules.. but in the end you get through it. With a lot of skyping, sweet pictures, pretend flowers and dreaming of what it's gonna be like to see The Boy again you drag yourself through. You stop yourself counting the days and weeks cause it makes them feel slower when you do, you keep yourself endlessly busy and before you realize it there is only a month left!!!

I have made it!! With all the chocolate and Albert Hein Donuts and the sadness and the business and all the friends it is almost time to see my boy again!!!! It's only for a month and never mind that I have another year and a half after this. And putting aside this next bit will probably be our worst yet, what with him in the US and me in Australia and the 12 hours time difference that entails.

For now I'm feeling the whole excitement dance thing. Only one month, only one mooonth, ooonly one mooooooonnnntthh. (Imagine awkwardly swinging hips and hands doing about the same motion).

I've decided that out of the goodness of my heart and my irrational want to sahre I would compiled a list of long distance songs that are partially sad and partially painfully upbeat:

Far Away -Nickelback
Ain't no sunshine when you're gone -Michael Bolton
Right here waiting -Richard Marx
Missing you -John Waite
Here without you -3 Doors Down
Hey there Delilah -Plain white Ts (not a personal favorite but hey, it is a classic LDR song)
Lucky -Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
Save Tonight -Eagle Eye-Cherry
Leaving on a jet Plan -Chantal Kreviazuk
Wish you were here - Avril Lavigne (I listened to her throughout my teens so she hits a special spot for me)
Long Distance -Brandy or Bruno Mars (both are alright, I'd love to find a better sung version though)
The Promise -Tracy Chapman
Near or Far -Carissa Rae
Missin' you like crazy -Michael Alvarado
Talking to the moon -Bruno Mars
Goodbye -Avril Lavigne
Missing you now -Michael Bolton

And some personal songs more connected to feeling home and the Boy than really specifically Long distnace relationships:

Comfortable -John Mayer (heard a friend's friends sing it in acousitc once and fell in love with it but John Mayer is almost as good)
Come Home -OneRepublic & Sara Barielles
This is Home -Switchfoot
Home -Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
A drop in the Ocean -Ron Pope
West coast -Coconut records
A thousand years -Christina Perri
Wouldn't it be nice -The Beach Boys

Thank heavens for the the internet hey? I think the majority of us Long Distancers would be pretty hopelessly lost without it! That being said, where there is a will there is a way. So we will find a way!

Ooooooonly one moooooooooonnntthh..

Na na na na naaa..