Thursday, July 5, 2012

Uni, Homesickness and lots of papers.

Originally meant to be published: 21.05.2012

Univerity has taught me a variety of things the most ipmortant of which is: there is a positive correlation between the amount of papers I have to write and the amount of sun shining outside my window.I have the good fortune of living in a stunning city and the misfortune of going to a tough university there.

Now you might wonder what kind of a university i am going to that the most important thing i have learned is a true but un-proveable theory on hte sunligh-assignement correlation. The fact is. The UCM is actually a pretty good uni and I am really enjoying my studies there, adn rather than showing how bad the uni is it shows how desperate I am for sunlight.

See we have sunlight here and the city is stunning when it's bathed in sunlight and warmth, and this is where another correlation i have noticed comes into play. There is also a positive correlation between Sunlight and the amount of happy couples walking hand in hand in Maastricht. And this I will also swear by. The first correlation I mentioned has no psychological explanation other than maybe the sun is mean and likes to spite Students, this second correlation also seems too be in place simply to taunt me with the fact that other people are close enough to each other to hold hands.

So you see, I cannot seem to decide which is the lesser of the two evils: Not getting enough sun or realizing how much I miss The Boy.

Another thing Uni has taught me is that I have to do everything myself. I miss being home. I miss my mumma cooking the meals, being in charge of the fridge, the laundry, the bank account, living accomodations, rides, orthodontist appointments and all the usual stuff mums do. I miss the hugs and the cuddling I am used to from my family. I think I can honestly say I melt and die a little inside whenever people here hug me. It's like stratiatella yoghurt and sunlight and wind in the heat and soft sand between my toes and the smell of my puppy all mixed together and embodied in a loving hug. Of course I don't usually tell people this as they will think I am strange and possibly insane. Not that they would be terribly wrong but let us keep that as our little secret.

I meant to publish this over a month ago.. but as usual, life caught up with me before I could. An Intereseting sidenote that I only discovered recently is that my Faculty does an Honors program instead of just a Bachelors which really expains the aforementioned buttload of work!