Monday, January 9, 2012

Embarking on Adventures

I am a huge Lord of the Rings Fan, and seeing my life as an adventure to be embarked on gives me some comfort and some familiarity. C. S. Lewis was quite right when he said, "We read to know we are not alone."

Bilbo got launched into his first adventure quite by surprise in The Hobbit (the movie of which I am uber excited about btw)  and in a similair if not equal fashion I was launched into mine. (I mean I wasn't accused- or being complimented- or being a thief and I didn't have 13 Dwarves and Wizard in a my cozy
Hobbit hole and i was certainly not unused to change and traavel.. :) but still!)

It's an unlikely situation. A German-Slovak, who grew up in Jordan most of her life, whose Besties are an American and an Australian and who is dating a Bolivian is going to Maastricht, the Netherlands. It even sounds absurd to me! But hey, so was going to find a Smog in the Lonely Mountain with 13 dwarfs and a wizard as an inexperienced thief!

My adventures are of a slightly different nature though and my challenges a lot more bureaucratic! So I got an E-mail telling me I was accepted to the University College. After that the real confusion began! All i got from various E-mail was to deduce that I did have a student Number and despite my University telling the dorm I applied to that I wasn't one of their students. Oh well, I do hope it will get sorted!

Of course there are other adventures next to the overwhelming bureaucratic one! One of them would be a long distance relationship. It's gonna be hard. I already know that. But here is why I think it's gonna work:

  • He's surprisingly committed for a guy who is 18! It even took me by surprise as I didn't have a lot of faith in guys concerning commitment!
  • We've been together for a year. I know I know. It's not that long but it does feel pretty long and I am as sure as ever. Call me a crazy teenager!
  • My long distance best friendships are good! Not just good, they're as good as ever. I mean of course they change but when we see each other it's like nothing has changed! My best friend moved back to Australia for her year 11 and 12. this was when I was halfway through 10th grade. It was tough! Like really tough. But i visited her and she visited me and last summer we spent two weeks together again and it's like nothing at all has changed!
  • Where there is a will there is a way. Need I say more!

Honestly I think this might be the scariest of all the coming adventures as my heart hangs in the balance. :)

Then there is of course the adventure of starting life outside my parent's home. Needless to say I will be moving out. More specifically out of my room, my house, my city, my country and even my continent. JOY! Yes, I am a bit scared. What tipped you off?!
Ugh Europe. At least it's not Germany where i'd have to actually try to fit in! Phew! At least this is Holland where I can say I'm from Jordan and probably get away with it! Things to get before I leave:

  1. Over sized Jordanian flag.
  2. Necklace with Arabic inscription.
  3. Nancy 3ajram CD (atrocious Arabic music that is gonna remind me wayyy too much of home!)
  4. Family picture where everyone looks good (Ok, ok, that's asking too much!) :)

Mum and Dad

I am needless to say a bit nervous by now and am getting the packing tingles.

17 days!

Us 5 girls a few years back!

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