Monday, January 16, 2012

What Home Is

Home! Such a confusing concept.

Relient K says: "Home is where the Heart is and my Heart is where you are." Who were they referring to? Was it their Significant Other or was it their Family or something a lot more abstract. Was it a feeling? Where was home? 

The Sisterhood of the traveling pants wondered something similair. I guess it's not just something TCK's struggle with. It says in one of the books: 
"What was Home anymore? Home was time and Time had passed" 
So I guess they didn't have it figured out either. So i have to start packing today. I need to drag out my big suitcases and start sorting out wanted from unwanted. But how do you take home with you?

Do you take all those little gadgets you've collected or those posters and pictures of loved ones or try to recreate ur former home in the new place? Maybe, just maybe it's taking my teddy bear that I've had all my life in Jordan. Or maybe it's taking that huge world map I bought last summer and hung up so I could feel more grounded. Or maybe it's just knowing that one day I'll find it. even if it's not a place. One day I'll find home. The feeling of it, the knowledge of it!
I stuck pictures of the people I love to the 
closest empty spot on the map!
Until then I'll try to understand this bureaucracy called University! So the UM Guesthouse that I'd applied at for a room wasn't answering after their average time of 2 weeks, then three and then almost four so I decided to write to them in an effort to get a response and to check whether or not I even had accommodation! They wrote back and told me my Faculty had not verified me. Oh joy. I had also, on the same day written an E-mail to my Faculty asking them various questions they had neglected to verify! Like my Student Number, Method of Payment and what Diploma's they wanted exactly! After a bit of hassle and despair the University and the Guesthouse wrote back to me simultaneously to give me all the information and tell me that I  had in fact been accepted and now had (an admittedly more expensive) room! I was psyched! As psyched as you can be when you feel like the nails to your own coffin are finally beginning to hold it together. ;)

So the ticket is booked for the 26th in the evening at the Queen Alia Airport over Gatwick and on to Amsterdam. Then we (mum is coming with me) are going to rent a car and drive down to Maastricht and check into my Guesthouse room that Friday. Then Saturday is sleeping and exploring and unpacking. Sunday morning we are going to visit the Maastricht international Church and then.. then we are going to drive down to Germany for about 4 hours to my grandparents' village where I'm gonna see my grandparents and my cousin (who is coincidentally one of my favorite people in the world)!
Of course my grandmother's are yummier!
There my grandmother has already got our Menu planned out. First day is "Maultaschen" as is our tradition whenever we first come from abroad. Then second day is "Spaetzle und Sauerbraten" which my grandmother has mastered to utter perfection! I can't say how excited and at the same time anxious I am.

There is this author of this blog called DrieCulturen who is dutch and lived in Africa while growing up. Somehow I would love to meet her and on the other hand I'm a bit intimidated. But anyway. Her blog is really good especially for TCK's I'd say.


10 more days!

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  1. Hello Hanna! Glad you found my blog and now I have found yours. It's exciting that you are coming to Holland to study. As a fellow TCK living in Holland I want to welcome you. I took a similar step years ago, after living in Africa from 0-19, I came here to study at the Leiden university. I suffered a mean culture shock, but it was so confusing because I didn't know that I was suffering from that. I have a good suggestion for you. Buy the book "A Global Nomad's Guide To University Transition" by Tina Quick. It is a great book and just what you need. Check

    By the way I wrote a post about "Where are you from?"

    Wishing you well.